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Children’s Mental Health Ontario


Children’s Mental Health Ontario (CMHO) is an organization based out of Toronto that offers research, statistics, information, and outreach regarding the mental health of young people. Established in 1972, the organization’s main goal was to share information and advocate for the improvement of children’s mental health through policies, programs, and funds. The organization underwent a name change in 1999, which is when the shift to a more child-focus approach took place. CMHO has nearly 100 members organizations operating throughout the province. These organizations provide programs and services such as counseling, therapy, among others offered by trained mental health professionals.

The CMHO represents Ontario’s publicly funded Child and Youth Mental Health Centres. They are advocates for government investments, policies, and programs. They are working towards creating an Ontario in which young people are mentally healthy by creating a system of high quality care. They look at strengthening mental health agencies and enhancing services. Their values are dignity, family, availability, investment, engagement, collaboration, integration, and accountability.

The information is specific to Ontario. The website has many features including a blog, news, events, career opportunities, upcoming events, ways to get involved, and donation collection. The blog is open for public contributions. The website also consists educational resources, including resources for teachers, parents, youth, and professionals.

For more information, visit their website: http://cmho.org/



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