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School Mental Health Literacy



School Mental Health Literacy: A national curriculum guide shows promising results. Overtime global awareness of the importance of addressing youth mental health in school settings has only increased and is spreading around Canada. “Foundational to all school mental health domains is the need to effectively address mental health literacy of students, educators and administrators alike.” When talking about this article it provides and introduces a mental health literacy school curriculum resource, the mental health and high school curriculum guide which has been tested and researched in grades 9 and 10 in Canada. It further includes contents of the resource and how to implement it to best fit the needs of students regardless of the school they attend. After it discusses the resource it then goes on to discuss the results of the resource application. It demonstrates significant improvement in knowledge, decreased stigma, and enhanced help-seeking between students and teachers.


This articles approach to mental health literacy as the foundation of mental health promotion is based on utilizing the existing strengths in schools instead of starting a stand-alone program into schools. In return this gives simple, economical, and effective methods that improves upon knowledge, decrease stigma, and enhance help-seeking efficacy. It mirrors the method teachers use to learn and plan their teaching and it integrates student learning of mental health to existing curriculum and doesn’t isolate mental health from everyday activities in schools. Positive results were found where this program was applied.


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